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On 08.06.2018 the Robotik-AG of the Von-Galen-Schule from Eichenzell visited the FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG in Fulda for the first time.

Robotik-AG, which has been offered for two years under the management of Mr. Hirsch, took advantage of a special offer from Manfred Hahl from "Girls and Boys-Day". At that time, the FFT Managing Director had emphasised the importance of training young people and that FFT would also like to help in this. With a high training rate of over 13%, FFT has already fulfilled its promise. However, Manfred Hahl would like to contribute even more and so, with the help of Mrs Jestädt, the Robotik-AG’s visit could be relaized about.

During a three-and-a-half-hour visit, the Robotik-AG's group of schoolchildren were given an understanding of the FFT's know-how and fields of activity. In addition there were gifts for the school, which can be used well in the Robotik-AG in the future. Three "Basic Lego education Mindstorm Basic" sets and 8 supplementary sets for the basic sets were handed over.

The gifts from Manfred Hahl were handed over to the Robotik-AG of the Von Galen School.

What does robotics mean for the FFT and where is robotics used in industry? And what do the office chairs in the FFT meeting rooms actually cost?

These and other questions were answered during the visit. Among other things, current production facilities were shown, which will be set up for the first commissioning in the FFT assembly hall. The students were also able to view the technologies, patents and developments of the FFT. Finally, the visitors were able to try out the process of industrial robots in the virtual and real world themselves and to get acquainted with the first applications. In the virtual world, the students were allowed to create traverse paths for industrial robots, then they went to a real industrial robot in order to get to know the first handling exercises and traverse paths.

At the end of the visit not only the students of the Robotik-AG were impressed by the activities and technologies of the FFT, but also Manfred Hahl about the great interest and the varied questions the students asked about the topic "Robotics".