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Completed research projects

The technology leader FFT participates in several international research projects. Here you can find the already completed research projects.


Designation Name Description Duration
XIVT eXcellence In Variant Testing The XIVT project is developing a method and a tool chain for automated testing of highly configurable, multi-variant systems in the automotive, railway, telecommunications and industrial production sectors, which should enable effective, cost-efficient quality assurance. The industrial application of the XIVT results takes place in the areas of planning, robot simulation, virtual commissioning and real operation of production facilities. 2019-2022
FlexMont2 HIGHLY AUTOMATED, FLEXIBLE ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY FOR CFK BOX STRUCTURES IN CONVENTIONAL DESIGN The aim of the research project is to develop intelligent solutions for automated assembly, taking aerodynamic tolerance systems into account, using the example of a vertical tail structure. 2018-2021
InControl Integrated Controlled Test Environment The funding project In-Control aims to develop components of a modular, scalable and flexible test system that can be used along the entire product life cycle and for a wide variety of test tasks. Following the modular principle, a test system can be assembled from a number of basic components. In this way, the development and implementation costs are significantly reduced. Due to the interchangeability of the components, maintenance can be carried out much more cost-effectively and obsolescence problems can be minimised. Finally, the modules can be reused to build new test systems, thus reducing the costs of maintaining existing test facilities. 2018-2020
SmartSens Smart sensor platform for autonomous rope force measurement in safety-critical and harsh environments Within the SmartSens project, an autonomous sensor solution is being developed that can be used in particular in harsh environmental conditions and withstands the highest demands on reliability. The system will be used as a prototype to improve safety and efficiency in glider operations by continuously measuring the pulling forces on the rope during winch launch and displaying them on the ground as well as in the aircraft and analysing them in dedicated measurement campaigns. 2018-2020
Spear Smart Prognosis of Energy with Allocation of Resources The aim of the research project is energy simulation and optimization in the context of virtual commissioning. 2017-2020
Testomat THE NEXT LEVEL OF TEST AUTOMATION The aim of the research project is the automatic test case generation and the resulting automatic test execution in the context of virtual commissioning. 2017-2020
Varika NETWORKED PRODUCT AND PRODUCTION ENGINEERING USING THE EXAMPLE OF VARIANT-RICH, ULTRA-LIGHT, METALLIC VEHICLE BODIES The aim of the research project is networked product and production engineering using the example of variant-rich vehicle body components. 2017-2020
MBFast18 MOBILE PROCESSING OF FIBER COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 2018 The aim of the research project is to develop an alternative solution to the conventional heavy-duty machine by means of a mobile, modular design using the example of a large aircraft structure. 2015-2019
SBS SMART BODY-IN-WHITE CELLS FOR A SYNERGISTIC RAMP-UP OF ELECTRIFIED VEHICLES The aim of the research project is to develop a process for integrating e-vehicles into existing production systems for conventional vehicles. 2016-2018