Today we are developing the technology of tomorrow

With our focus on development and research, we comply the growing demand for innovative, flexible and lean production concepts. Our own technology centers offer the necessary development opportunities for our employees as prerequisites for innovative insights. In many projects we develop new products and concepts, also in close cooperation with our customers. But we also work together with other companies on many international research projects to make the world of plant engineering even smarter and more intelligent. A multitude of patents, utility models and positive experiences prove to us that we are on the right track. We have also defined our own understanding of Industry 4.0, which we are constantly refining. Visions become reality here.

Research projects

Our constant pursuit of innovation, new solutions and other concepts is also reflected in many research projects.

We are involved in numerous European and German projects ...

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Digital shadow

Our Digital Shadow is an illustration of real-time plant data. This creates the possibility that the process and production data can be viewed and analyzed at any time.

  • Big Data
  • Connection between real and virtual world
  • Integration of new product variants without plant stop
  • Energy optimization
  • Time & amp; Process optimization without production losses
  • Cross-site plant monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Performance & energy history
  • Cross-site support


Virtual Commissioning

For us, Virtual Commissioning (VIBN) means digital synchronization of all areas of engineering. We create a virtual image of the real plant technology.

  • Prevalidation of the real plant in software
  • Interface between engineering and realization
  • Simulation of plant processes
  • Digital commission of the later, real installations
  • Early entry of customer requests
  • Comprehensive expertise
  • Digital shadow
  • Networking & Synchronization
  • High maturity & reality level of virtual models

Industry 4.0

The term "Industry 4.0" refers to a future project of the Federal Government. Industry 4.0 and digitization are already a reality for us. We already deal with technologies of tomorrow today.

  • Digital shadow
  • Networked components
  • Smart productions
  • Human-Robot Collaboration (MRK)
  • Safety for man and machine
  • New opportunities
  • Bid Data
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Technology Center FFT


With over 180 patents worldwide, we always ensure that we are one step ahead.

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