The FFT BestFit system replaces the classic robot system with teached positions with a system in which the  position is optimized depending on the tolerance. With camera technology, gap/flush values are recorded and mathematically calculated.

With the classic BestFit, one sensor is used per measuring point. There are n sensors on the gripper which measure simultaneously.

With the BestFit Light, the robot moves with a sensor from one position to the next over all measuring positions and takes the pictures one by one. The calculation is equivalent to the classic BestFit - with the BestFit light sensors are saved and more time for measuring is required. In order to maintain accessibility, a special mounting tool was developed at FFT.

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    • The camera solution was developed especially for the determination of gap/flush/hole measurement.
    • The BestFit software was developed in-house, so the complete flexibility for adaptations and extensions is available.
    • Interfaces to various controllers and robot types have been developed. Suitable technology packages are supplied and developed for new types.
    • More than 15 years of experience "BestFit in production plants" -> tested and stable execution of all software and hardware components
    • Very high availability of components 99.8%
    • Using simulation software, the system design up to the camera position can be determined as soon as the CAD data is available (virtual camera position determination possible).
    • The reporting of all measurement data is done via a standard browser and was developed by FFT.

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