FFT HS 180

FFT HS 180

Counter Roller System for Sunroof Application

The roller hemming system FFT HS 180 consists of the FFT HT 180 Hemming Head and a product specific Hemming Frame. Hemming is performed in four steps at a steel part. For aluminium parts, the flange is bent in five steps.

Features of the FFT HS 180:

standardised - flexible - efficiant

  • standardised modular system
  • high quality
  • suitable for steel and aluminium parts
  • pre- hemming to 90° possible – as an alternative to mechanical countervails
  • tolerances and quality can be influenced by the robot program
  • optional quality monitoring and check system

Flying roll hemming with the FFT HS 180

FFT HS 180 S

- Stationary Sun Roof Hemming System -

In the stationary process, the robot guides the roller hemming head and the aluminium or steel roof is placed in a hemming fixture.

FFT HS 180 F

- Flying Sun Roof Hemming System -

In the flying process, the robot handles the steel or aluminium sunroof to a stationary fixed hemming head and performs hemming. The sunroof panel is fixed in a hemming frame/ gripper.

Folding steps steel

4 Steps  180° -> 135° -> 80° -> 35° -> 0° (closed)


Folding steps aluminium

5 Steps  180° -> 135° -> 90° -> 60° -> 30° -> 0° (closed)