FFT Ultrasonic Leak Detection Pig

FFT Ultrasonic Leak Detection Pig

Small damages in crude oil pipes such as cracks or holes lead to "creeping" leakages. This is a relatively small amount of escaping oil (>20l/h). These leaks are not detected without special detection equipment and therefore pose a great danger to the environment because these leaks may remain undetected.

The FFT Leak Detection Pig has been developed to detect these creeping leaks. The principle is based on the detection of cavitation noises which occur in the range of 20khz - 40khz with this type of leakage. The pig records these ultrasonic signals with pressure and distance information. After the pig run, the FFT evaluation software can be used to read out and evaluate the stored signal curve over the entire distance. By means of further signals, the location of the creeping leakage can be determined to within a few meters.


    Features of the FFT Ultrasonic Leak Detection Pig:

    • The operation of the leak detection pig as well as the evaluation software is very simple and can be done by the customer himself.
    • Chassis, electronics and software have been developed by FFT and can therefore be tested for suitability in pipelines with special geometric conditions, for example. The software can be extended in-house to meet new requirements.
    • The entire system is very robust (e.g. has been in use at the customer for over 20 years without failure).
    • Long running time of the pig due to energy-saving technology (30 days active running time possible)


    The FFT leak detection pig can be used for pipeline diameters from 6" and larger.


    Pig after removal from the pipeline