VarioPicker® of FFT

The VarioPicker® is an in-house development of the FFT. It is designed for the automatic robot-controlled fixation at the hemmed flanges of hang on parts.

Mainly, it is used at hang on parts (doors, hoods, tailgates) in body in white constructions. The fixing points of the VarioPicker® replace circumferential heating by induction after the roller hemming process. Producing a stiff conection, the VarioPicker® creates fixing points between the hemmed flange and the support structure. The fixing points are even not visible on the surface.


  • High process reliability
  • High repeat accuracy and reproducibility
  • No marks of the weldspot on the outer skin
  • Eliminates circumferential heating by induction
    • High energy saving
    • No deformation of the production part because of the partial heating
    • Reduction of rework
  • Compatible with custom welding controls
  • Compatible with custom industrial robots
  • Classic resistant welding
    • Easy to use
    • Low training requirements
  • Modular construction
  • Simple retooling
  • Service-friendly / good accessibility of the components

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Service station VarioPicker®

The service station of the VarioPickers® in combination with the electrode cap changer:

To guarantee a stable process the VarioPicker® owns special service station to mill and exchange automaticlally the electrode cap.

The pictures below show the service unit combined with the electrode cap changer from FFT. Further information about our electrode cap changers can be found here.

VarioPicker® of FFT in action