FFT offers many lightweight solutions

We think lightly, innovatively, efficiently.
We support our customers by optimizing their production processes towards a lean production. From the initial idea to commissioning and After Sales, FFT offers customized carbon grippers as well as standardized FibreTEC profiles. Technologies that combine high strength and low weight. That is what drives us. That is what sets us apart. That is FFTlightweight.

Production Concepts

Our lightweight production concepts are customized to your application in terms of design, layout and manufacturing. Possible fields of application are robotic handling replacing space extensive conveyors, flexible assembly or even robot-moved framing gates.

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FibreTEC 3D Profile

FFT is currently industrializing the new FibreTEC3D technology, that will revolutionize gripper and fixture design. In addition to the 40% reduction in mass compared to aluminium profiles, it is adaptable to other industry and customer standards.

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Our Integral Carbon Frames connect modular ultra lightweight design with a monolithic customized frame structure for highest geometrical requirements. 

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Why weight is crucial in plant engineering:

Handling tasks in production often fail due to the weight of the product to be transported. This challenge occurs within the flexibilization of automobile production when different tools are used for model variants.

The use of composite tools is one possible solution to tackle the weight problem. FFT has developed a CFRP tool structure that can significantly reduce tool weight, making robotic processes possible.


  • Flexibility of the production through tool transport with robots
  • Load-oriented tool design
  • High vibration damping
  • Reduced robotic loads


  • Geometry and handling tools for passenger car structures
  • Geometry and handling tools for commercial vehicle structures
  • Handling tools and Assembly aids
  • Fixtures for the aviation industry

Production Concepts

The FFT lightweight concepts offer intelligent solutions for the production of the future. In addition to smart robot handling and optimized ZB production, the FFT smartFlex cell and cumulated the smartFlex body-in-white have created a quantity scalable production concept that is highly flexible and easy to maintain.

Our solutions in detail:



Our lightweight production concepts are ideally suited for handling tasks. Especially when a large variety of derivates is required, our flexible systems can unlock their full potential over conventional conveyor technologies. The weight savings enable that moving components such as robots can be made smaller, thus improving the energy balance of the production system.


  • Invest savings
  • Better ratio of payload to total load
  • Downsizing of Drives e.g. for robots
  • Energy savings


In the Assembly production of 2 or more derivatives, our lightweight grippers provide a solution where other systems reach their limits. The fixtures in the plant can be changed with the robot due to the low weight of the CFRP structure. This means that it is possible to switch flexibly between different vehicle variants. Thus, more than 4 tool sets are possible in the system, where conventional body-in-white concepts reach their limits.


  • Higher type flexibility of the plant
  • Space efficient Bodyshop layout
  • High space savings
  • Storage of the tools in the plant
  • Easy integration of new products


Framing is the joining and welding of the roof and side panels to the underbody. For us, the framer is therefore also a core component of every production line. Our lightweight technology cleverly replaces large-scale steel structures and costly linear units.


  • Flexibility for follow-on derivates
  • Savings in steel construction
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Simplified maintenance


The smartFlex cell is a smart solution for a fully flexible bodyshop. In this scenario our CFRP Frames are used as “flying fixtures” with handshake functionality and therefore reduce the floor standing equipment to an absolute minimum. The standardized build up of the cell offers a high degree of synergy and scalability. You can build a Rear Floor today, a Side Wall tomorrow and a Front End the day after; in the same cell.


  • Product and assembly flexible manufacturing 
  • Scalability and synergies by duplicating cells
  • Simplified maintenance due to floor standing equipment 


Multiple FFT Flex cells can be combined to a fully flexible production system. By duplicating the cells you can upscale the process. The standardized layout and exchangeability of the tools allow to switch tools between the cells and therefore allow maximum flexibility regarding the output product mix and different assembly variants. 


  • 100% flexible regarding the tooling
  • Scalable bodyshop concept
  • Maximum freedom regarding future integrations and model change
  • Floor standing equipment and standardized cell layout enable a lean production and maintenance

FibreTEC 3D Profile

As an automation specialist, FFT is a reliable project partner and innovator. The latest high tech innovation is FibreTEC3D, a 3D Filament Winding Process.  FFT was chosen for an industrialization partnership by Mercedes-Benz to be the partner for the industrialization and sales of the product.

There are two approaches that we follow with the technology. On the one hand we manufacture a standardized light-weight CFRP profile wherever a modular approach is needed. With our guideline we provide the designing engineers a minimum complexity for a modular layout of their product. We also ensure maximum simplicity regarding the assembly, as the profiles are connected with screws just as other standard profiles are.

Besides the standard profiles we are also able to design a generative 3D structure that can be used to optimize weight very targeted and cost efficient. Thanks to computational support we can develop a product at a fast pace and suited to the use case of the customer. 


Standardized carbon fiber profiles

The standardized profiles made of wound carbon fibres can be purchased as rod material from FFT. Lengths of up to 6 m are possible. These replace aluminium profiles in an intelligent way, as they are both lighter and – thanks to the simple connecting elements -more space-efficient. The flat design of the connection elements enables an easy assembly as well as a minimum storage space requirement.


  • Use for grippers in plant engineering, trays and transport racks, fixtures and much more
  • Up to 40% weight saving
  • Space – saving, storable and easily reusable


Ultra-light aids offer a massive improvement for manual operator activities. Due to the weight savings compared to conventional assembly aids, not only the assembling person benefits. This is also an advantage for the employer, as productivity and efficiency are increased and manipulators for support can be saved.


  • Improved ergonomics conditions for operators
  • Processes become more efficient and work more productive
  • Less power and energy required


FibreTEC3D also makes it possible to manufacture series products for individual customer components. Thanks to optimized fiber winding and a matrix combination specially determined for each order. Components can withstand extreme stresses and are ultralight at the same time. In addition, manufacturing such components with FibreTEC3D can also have cost advantages. Where usually costly injection molding or milling technology is used, here the geometric structure is simply created by winding in space.


  • Product flexibility
  • High output possible thanks to standardization
  • Weight savings with unchanged stability


FFT manufactures patented lightweight grippers for your production. These grippers follow a hybrid design with a carbon fiber shell. Thereby the spatial geometry structure is as desired and is developed according to your specifications and requirements. With these frames, you can save up to 40% weight (compared to steel frames), and may be able to use smaller robots, consume less energy and thus produce more efficiently than your competitors.

Perhaps you are wondering what advantages which of our system offers? Depending on your requirements, one or the other system might be more suitable. We will be happy to clarify which one we recommend during a mutual discussion in which we will examine your concept ideas in detail.



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