Joining Technology

Welding and joining technology

Experience around the automated joining process

In the field of welding and joining technology, our experts deal with all joining methods that are used in a state of the art body in white in multi material and lightweight design. This includes:

  • resistance spot welding (of steel and aluminum)
  • projection welding and capacitor discharge welding
  • stud welding (of steel and aluminum)
  • arc welding
  • self pierce riveting
  • clinching
  • flow drill screwing
  • high-speed tack-setting
  • friction element welding
  • blind riveting
  • elements for pressing / inserting

The joining processes mentioned above are supervised by our specialists in your plant construction project in close coordination with our customers and well-known technology suppliers:

  • from verification of the joints and dimensioning of the tools
  • to production and commissioning
  • as well as parametrization and optimization in series quality.

We have particular expertise in the classic resistance welding technology, for which we can offer you our products and system solutions as well as comprehensive service supply.

FFT products in welding and joining technology

Weldgun design and development

FFT has a high level of competence in weldgun design and development, which is offered as an external service. The geometries are 100% validated by finite element methods regarding deformation and material stresses.