Joining, Hemming and Seperating

Innovations in Joining, Hemming and Seperating Technology

FFT is market leader in hemming technology and is continiously offering hemming tools for the automotive and non-automotive market. Likewise, FFT brings tried and tested solutions for cutting, welding (projection welding machines, welding guns including cap cutter changer combination) and soldering using laser technology. Component quality and welding safety are of particular importance to FFT.  A highlight of FFT is the new welding gun production in the environment of our welding and joining technology for spot welding solutions. This product family is rounded off by adhesive applications, which are frequently used for joints between metallic and non-metallic materials.


Years of experience make us specialists in hemming technology


Welding guns and accessories directly from the plant engineer with its expertise


Soldering, welding, cutting, parameterizing or shielding - discover the wide range of our laser technology