Girls- and Boys-Day

Girls- and Boys-Day

Girls´ and Boys´ Day

Insights into the world of FFT

On Thursday, 27.04.2023, the FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG held its „Girls´ and Boys´ Day“ at its headquarters in Fulda. A total of 26 students took the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work and professional life. The participants arrived at FFT punctually at 08:30. After a short welcome, the young people were divided into five groups to ensure a smooth process. Each group was accompanied by a trainee or a student. 

The program started at 9 am. The individual groups were accompanied from station to station by the group leaders. A total of six different stations were set up , most of which were supervised by trainees and students.

The young guests were given a tour of FFT to gain an insight into what jobs are done there and what different areas the companys offers. The highlight of the tour was the ShowArea. Via a multitouch table, visually and acoustically impressive presentations about FFT and its products were shown on a screen.

Among other things, the young people were explained and shown how threads are cut, simulations are created and what is meant by the term pneumatics. They also received a brief introduction to CAD programs and learned how to use them to create designs on computers. They were amazed at the presentation of the robots and the explanation of how they move.

But it was not only information that was imparted to the young people on this day, they were also allowed to lend a hand directly at the individual stations. Whether it was controlling a robot or simulating machines, everyone got their money´s worth. A special attraction was the HoloLens. These mixed reality glasses allowed the youngsters to immerse themselves in the virtual world of FFT. Through the practical tasks, they were able to directly implement the newly acquired information.

The stations shown reflect the spectrum of FFT´s apprenticeships and dual study positions. The robotics students (M/F/X) breathe life into the machines, the computer scientists (M/F/X) are problem solvers who think outside the box, the production technologists (M/F/X) are our optimization geniuses and the technical product designers (M/F/X) are FFT´s technical draftsmen. 

In addition to these, there are a number of apprenticeships and degree programs that offer the opportunity to join FFT. Please check out our careers page ( By participating in the event, FFT wants to show students that we offer diverse and exciting career fields.

Torsten Trabert, the person responsible for the event , says: „Our goal was to give the young people an insight into the professional world of FFT and to introduce them to the different professions. We hope that everyone had an exciting day and gained new knowledge. It would be nice if the spark was ignited in one or two of them“. At the end of the successful day, all students received a certificate of participation.

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