Chairman Guo on a visit

Guangchang Guo, Chairman of the Fosun Group and other representatives of Fosun as guests at FFT

ShowArea inaugurated

Guo was impressed by the work of the FFT Group.

Flexible, efficient and system-integral – in the new show area of the FFT Group in Fulda, a range of products and robots were presented that showcased the company's know-how and technology. During his visit to Germany, Guangchang Guo, Chairman of the Fosun Group, which has included FFT since 2019, visited and officially inaugurated the ShowArea.

Tristan Pfurr, CEO of FFT Production Systems, guided Guo and other representatives of the Fosun Group through the exhibition area. Different robots were shown interacting with each other. In the new ShowRoom with an interactive control table, the representatives learned about the company's innovations and products. Tip changers, hemming heads and products from image processing – the portfolio is large. The advantage of the digital presentation in the ShowRoom is that even very large and complex products and system solutions can be explained and shown well. 

Overall, FFT has developed very well in recent years despite the difficulties caused by Coronavirus pandemic, said the CEO. With a growing portfolio, the company wants to manufacture products for sale itself and thus expand its possibilities to open up new customer groups. The employees at the Technology Center in Fulda work in particular on the development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. As far as the vehicle market is concerned, many FFT customers are currently in a transition phase, says Pfurr. The company is happy to support the development towards electromobility.

Guo was impressed by the work of the FFT Group. He praised the excellent team that has ensured the good development of the company. “I have great confidence in German technology,” he said with a view to the market development in the coming years. The Fosun Group will continue to support the growth of FFT. In general, the goal of Fosun is to help global companies and thus enable good products and services for customers. Investing in innovative products.

The exhibition includes, among other things, the demo of a production plant, explained Johannes Strott, Technical Assistant to the Executive Board of FFT Produktionssysteme. The focus is on the interaction with visitors. For example, the robots are equipped with pens to make markings instead of guiding rigid manufacturing tools. The aim of the show area is to present solutions to other medium-sized companies involved in production. FFT is characterized by the system-integral way of working, for example in the combined use of different robot manufacturers in factory operation. “We have had large customers so far, but we want to involve smaller ones,” said Strott. FFT's work is characterized by flexibility and efficiency. Newer products include driverless transport systems, welding guns or machines for roller cleaning of hemming tools.

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